NOVEMBER THEME: Youth Homelessness Awareness Month

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"You see an abandoned chair on the street and think 'it has the potential to be something beautiful'. You see a homeless youth on the street and you think 'don't make eye contact'." 


What is wrong with this statement? 

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November is Youth Homelessness Awareness Month. Follow the blog this month for important information about this challenge for teens.

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The National Center for Housing and Child Welfare states there are between 1 million and 1.7 million homeless youth who have runaway or have been asked to leave their homes. The issues that create these situations are on both the adults and their teens. One thing that may really help is being open and talking to your teen about the issues they are facing. The fact that there are so many homeless teens out there says that we need to start talking about causes and look for solutions.

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Do you need a translator for what your teens are saying? Check out my weekly social media posts to find out what some of those terms mean.

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