There are many writing websites that carry what they call daily writing prompts. Thought provoking scenes or words to write about to get those creative juices flowing. The one I saw yesterday from Writers’ Write, caught my attention…

Your protagonist describes someone who stole something to a detective. The thief is you. Describe yourself through his eyes.

After thinking about it, here’s what I came up with,

I saw her fly into the downtown boutique. She was a complete blur, I could hardly tell she had blond hair, except it was flying back behind her. When she stopped over by the expensive fur coats, I got my chance to see her. She was short in stature, long blond hair and wore a long dark red trench coat. When she picked up the fur and placed it under her coat, I then saw that she was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans underneath. She ran out of the store and into the pouring rain. I followed her out of the store and down the street to see if I could catch her. She took a left from the sidewalk and into an alley. When I saw her again, she was making her way up the fire escape and into a second-floor apartment.

How would your witness describe you to the detective?