A is for Airplane


A is for airplane. I’m a pilot with just over 200 hours of flight time. I’ve always been in intrigued with their history and how they are even able to fly.

In 8th grade, I wrote a paper about Charles Lindbergh and off to the races I went to learn more about airplanes. I love reading stories about men and women pilots. From the barnstorming, to flying around the world, to just being up in the air looking down at the earth from above.

On one of my vacations to Virginia Beach to visit my aunt and Uncle, we drove down the North Carolina shore to visit Kill Devil Hill, where the first powered flight took place on December 17, 1903, by the Wright Brothers.

For my full-time career, I work in the aviation industry where I schedule pilots. I work at an airport where I see planes of all different sizes every day. Wonder if Wilbur and Orville ever thought powered flight would catch on to become so big?