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Book Review – The Night He Saved Me by Sarah Stevens

This is my first New Adult (NA) read. Not knowing what to expect, I did a little research on what this genre is all about. According to Wikipedia, it was recently created to fill a gap between YA and adult books. It covers more adult type themes than YA does and makes the story more relatable to readers 18-30. The New Adult distinction also helps parents to make a decision about whether the book would be appropriate for their YA readers to read. This has been a popular genre for self published authors to pursue. It tends to focus on protagonists post high school coming of age facing more adult type issues.


Selma’s Book Review

Book Title

The Night He Saved Me


Sarah Stevens

Type of Book

New Adult (NA) Romance


Sarah Stevens is a newly published New Adult Romance Author. This book is her first, just published in June of 2016.

Summary of the story

Katarina (Kat) is a senior in high school who just moved to a new town with her mom. They moved to get away from all of the havoc her brother created in their lives with his addiction. She would have to start all over at an all girls school and build a new social life for herself. She starts to make friends and becomes close to Brenda (Bren). Together they take on the life of a high school senior, parties, hanging out with guys, and frequenting a coffee shop called The Java. One night at a party, everything in Kat’s life changes. And, she meets a guy that is going to make a difference in her life, the one who saves her.

Reactions to the book

Even though I’m not a big fan of romance, I enjoyed this novel.With this book, Amazon had posted a warning for mature themes that may trigger some readers. I was a startled at first by the jump up in maturity level from the last YA book I read, The Maze Runner, to this book. They are both different types of stories, adventure versus romance, but the beginning of The Night He Saved Me is full of mature themes, so to be a transition from YA to New Adult, it jumped ahead quickly for me. I was surprised at the number of references to drugs and alcohol in the beginning, but the people who are reading New Adult are readers who are picking out their own books and are able to relate to that culture as being normal at that age. It is a good and engaging story as it goes on from there. I would recommend this book, with the mature themes heads up, in case the reader is sensitive to those types of themes.

If you interested in learning more about the author, you can follow her on Facebook Sarah Stevens – Facebook and Twitter Sarah Stevens

If you are looking for a copy of the book, here is a link to it on The Night He Saved Me

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