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C is for Cotton Candy

That would be two words that begin with C. Do I get a double letter score for that one?

Whenever we would go to a circus or a fair when I was a kid, we were always drawn into the vendors that sold cotton candy. The sticky sugar treat. It came on a cone in many colors. One of those objects that always reminds me of being a kid.

Cotton Candy is simply spun sugar with added color and flavor. It was originally found in 19th century Europe. One of the men who invented the machine that spins the sugar was a dentist, William Morrison. It was invented in 1897 and the cotton candy, known as fairy floss, was sold at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis for $.25. That was a lot of money in 1904, equivalent to $5.99 in 2015 money.

Who would have thought that a dentist would be involved in an invention like that? He was said to be an avid inventor, but it also could have led to a little more business for the dentist.

Tootsie Roll is now the largest manufacturer of cotton candy. It’s called “Fluffy Stuff”. And did you know there is a Cotton Candy Day? It is December 7th, so it shares the day with Pearl Harbor Day.

After the freshman baseball game last night, I walked into Dairy Queen with Sam and Max. One of the featured blizzard flavors on the menu was Cotton Candy. Made me smile when I saw it. Funny that it was the subject of my blog entry for the letter C.

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