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Daily Prompt – Twinkle

Daily Prompt – 9/7/16

I decided to try the WordPress daily prompt today and try and get my feet wet in the community pool.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see the word twinkle is the song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. I think about looking out of my bedroom window as a child at all of the stars in the sky, wondering where they are.

How many love songs were written about both people in a love sick couple looking up and wishing on the same twinkling star in the sky?

I have always been intrigued with things in the sky. Laying in the grass looking up at the clouds. Trying to figure out what they were as they floated by. At night, trying to figure out what the multiple shapes the stars were forming. They are called constellations. Funny thing about the word constellation, in grade school we had to pick a spelling demon word, learn how to spell it and know what it means. I picked constellation.

As a pilot, I have to look up into the sky when planes fly by. Most pilots can identify the type of plane it is. I just wonder how they are ever able to get those big machines into the sky. It is a thing of beauty and wonder for me.

Just like stars twinkle, people can also carry a twinkle in their eye. I love to see that twinkle. Santa Claus has one in The Night Before Christmas poem. Sometimes it is a twinkle in a good way, sometimes it is a warning that they are up to no good. I think in Santa’s case, it was a twinkle created by the good feeling he was receiving from delivering the gifts to all of the children around the world.

So, in a short blog post, that is what the word twinkle means to me. And this is my first stab at the daily prompt.

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