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G is for Gladiolus

My Mom was the gardener in our family. I have some plants by my deck door that are from my mom’s memorial service seven years ago. They are all green plants and must be pretty hearty, since they are not only still living, but thriving very well, even with me not being the best at gardening. Looking at them right now and they make me smile. I’d like to think that my mom’s influence from heaven is part of the reason they are doing so well.

I decided that I would try to grow some flowers in the flower box on my deck. So I went to the local dollar store to see what they might have. Wound up buying some gladiolus corms. Some flowers have bulbs, some have corms and some have seeds. I’ve learned that corms have a shell on the outside and flesh on the inside (kind of like a potato). I planted six of them. Two of them are well on their way, one not too far behind and one just starting to peek through the dirt. It will be fun to see what color blooms the plants will produce.

Did you know that Gladiolus was the word that Frank Neuhauser spelled correctly to win the first National Spelling Bee in 1925. It is the flower that commemorates the fortieth wedding anniversary and is also the flower for the month of August.

Wishing all of the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day. I miss my mom very much and this day can be a tough one for me. I used to walk the Susan B. Komen 5K to find the support from others who have also been affected by breast cancer. For the last couple of years, I’ve just made a point to bring flowers to her grave and spend some time with her there. I remember many Mother’s Days with her having lunch and shopping for flowers for her garden, maybe that is why I felt the need to plant some of my own.

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