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I am an author. I am a blogger.

Good Morning! Here is the Monday Morning Blog!

I talked about meeting writing goals last week. Here is what I did.

  1. I completed a two page story synopsis for my narrator who will be reading for the audio version of The Hard Way.

  2. Did some research for today’s blog.

  3. I tried to post my blog posts automatically to my other social media accounts from WordPress. It was quick and convenient to do, but I am tweaking the format just a bit for this week.

Lesson from this past week: Some progress is better than not being able to do it at all. Some of my bigger writing projects have a lot of little steps to take. Must remember, it is all about patience.

How did you do on your goals?

I’m trying to figure out a direction for my blog. I enjoy writing every week, but I would like to increase readers and create engagement for the ones already following me.

When I started this blog, my original idea was to engage teachers and parents with book reviews and information about my own book. I was struggling to find my audience on the social platforms I was on until I signed up for Instagram. Now I am working on connecting with educators.

Looking at the statistics of my past posts, my most popular post was an informational post about Memorial Day. It surprises me this is my most popular post. I believe it was an anomaly and a bit of luck. It got shared over and over again by people I didn’t even know mainly because of the day and the information it contained. I wish the same thing could happen with some of my other posts.

My other most viewed blogs were the weeks leading up to the book launch and a couple of book reviews, one of which has been shared multiple times by the author, Lorilyn Roberts, for the first book of the Seventh Dimension Series called The Door. Here is a link to her site Lorilyn Roberts and a link to the review Book Review – Seventh Dimension – The Door, a Young Adult Fantasy by Lorilyn Roberts . Be sure to check it out!

I  researched some ideas for how to engage more followers and readers over the weekend. Most of the sites talk about blogging on specific topics and find out where the audience for those topics are. The stats that I gathered from my current WordPress engagements will help me pick a direction. Like most other things, I will need to do some thinking about how I want to do it. Back to having patience.

With all of the projects I am working on in the Writing House, I am looking to you, my followers for some advice. Is there anything you would like to see on the blog? Any special requests? Please let me know. I would entertain any ideas you may have for me.

Have a great week! Here is a word from our sponsor… ( you knew it was coming, right?)

And now for the book promo…

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