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L is for Lilacs

One of my favorite flowers. Reminds me of growing up in my childhood home. We had two big bushes of them in the backyard. My Mom would have multiple vases of them in the house in the spring. When I walk by them and catch that scent, it always brings me back to that time in my life.

Going to put my creative hat on and write a little story,

Lila the Lilac Fairy

Six-year-old Sally loved to walk in the garden at the family villa. She saw many varieties and colors of flowers. Everything smelled so nice together. Nature is good at making that happen.

She got back by the stone wall to the lilac bushes. The smell of them almost overwhelmed her, they were so fragrant. That’s where she saw a small girl who was about a foot tall with dark hair. She wore a floor length lavender robe and had a garland of lilacs in her hair. Sally couldn’t believe what she saw and had to rub her eyes and look again. The girl was still there.

“Who are you?” Sally asked. “My name is Lila and I’m the garden fairy. I live here in the garden and take care of all of the flowers.” “Where do you sleep?” “In the land of the lilacs.” “Where is that?” “Come with me and I’ll show you.”

Lila took Sally’s hand and led her down the garden path to an opening between two lilac bushes. Lila pulled the branches apart just enough for them to get through. After they were both in, there was a white picket gate. Lila opened the gate and walked in with Sally following.

When they got back by the wall, Lila waved her hands and all of a sudden a door slid over to the right, with just enough room for them to get in. They walked in and when they were both clear of the door, it slid shut. They could hear the stone door hitting the stone wall.

“Welcome to the land of the lilacs.”

Sally looked around and all she could see was lilacs. She turned slowly in a circle and looked up at the tall lilac bushes and into the blue sky.

“Look at all of the lilacs,” Sally said. “I know. There are so many. I’m thirsty. Let’s go find Lenny.”

Lila and Sally walked together down a path between two lilac hedges. After they got to the end of the row, they saw a man sitting behind a light blue and yellow checkered lemonade stand.

“Hello, Lila,” the man said, “did you bring a friend today?” “I did. This is Sally,” Lila replied, pointing at Sally, “and Sally, this is Lenny the Lemonade man.” “Nice to meet you Lenny,” Sally said and reached out her hand to shake his. “Pleasure is all mine miss. Do you two want some lemonade?” “Yes please,” they both responded in unison.

Lenny poured each one of them a glass and they sat down together on the grass by the edge of the lilacs.

“You must love it here, Lila,” Sally said. “It’s a pretty nice place to be.” “I wish that I could live here with you,” Sally replied. “Wouldn’t you miss your family?” Lila said, “I wish that I lived in the big house with you. The one with the glorious garden.” “It’s nice,” Sally said, “but it’s kind of lonely. I’d much rather live here.”

Just as they were finishing their lemonade, Lenny walked over.

“Sally, just so you know, look under the bed and you’ll find the locket.”


When she woke up, she was in her bedroom. She saw her teddy bear, Sam laying on the pillow next to her. She ran to the window and looked out at the garden. Everything looked to be in its right place. She sighed; it must have been a dream.

She looked under her bed and there was her mother’s locket. The one that Sally had lost when she wanted to look at the pictures of her grandparents that her Mother kept in it. Sally missed Lenny and Lila, but they helped her to give her mother’s locket back.

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