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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Week #2

Here is my Nanowrimo writing update for week #2.

Living the writer’s dream. Buckling down and writing a first draft of a YA/MG novel in 30 days with many others trying to do the same thing world wide. It isn’t for everyone. But things are working pretty good for me.

This is the second year that I have participated in Nano. This year I have developed some writing habits that seem to be working well for me. They are improvements and changes from the way that I did it last year. Trying to make it more about the story development than the word count. Both of which are very important to the process.

  1. I have set a 2000 word goal per day. Part of it is the over achiever in me, the other part is just being able to plug away at it in bigger pieces. It is a great thing to watch the number of words left get closer to zero. But I think it is more fun to watch the story emerge from a bunch of words just flowing out if me into the computer.

  2. I’m updating my word counts in the middle of the day or once I hit the 2000 (or more) words that day. That takes the pressure off of having to write a bunch of words before I go to bed to make the goal. I’m not only able to have my word count done for the day, but  then I’m able to spend the rest of the day working on the word count for the next day. This method has given me the chance to think through some plot development which gives me more to write about. More words too!

As for word count, I made it to the halfway point on Saturday. And as of Sunday night it sits at 31,245 words.

Here is the motivational picture for this week. Good luck on your writing journeys everyone.

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