Passion for what you do

Good Morning! Normally I am a Monday morning blogger, but this time I am going to do a Tuesday morning post instead. Change things up a bit.

I have been so happy to be carving out time to work on my writing projects lately. It hasn’t been easy to find the time, but I have been making an effort and have seen positive results from it.

When I get into a writing groove, I feel my passion for writing flow out onto the paper (or see it on the screen when sitting in front of my laptop). It gives me a rush energy which keeps me motivated to work towards my goals for something I love to do.

What do you have a passion to do? Not just like to do, but love to do? What happens when you don’t have enough time to allocate to it?

It is hard to have a full time day job and only be able to pursue your passion part time. I am trying to grow a writing business and I get excited when I am doing it, but when life gets in the way, I miss it. When I realized I was having little to no time to write, it motivated me to start finding time to make it happen. By taking a couple of hours at different times each day, I have made progress on my writing projects (like this post) or editing my second book, The Bully’s Way (the priority project in the writing house at this moment) My progress may not be fast, but slow and steady still gets things done.

The other night I had a dream. I was driving around delivering my books in a silver HHR which had pictures of the covers of my books on the side of it. My dad owns an HHR, so that must be where I came up with it. When I drive his car, I call it the milk truck. I guess it may ultimately become the book truck!

Some day I will have writing as my full time job. Not saying it will be easy, but I look forward to having writing be more of a focus in my life. One of my bosses once said to watch out when you make your passion your job, because it could take all of the fun out of it for you. I can see how that could happen. The passion to do it gets replaced by a I have to do it to make a living. I hope I can have some fun while I am running my business. It will be work, but by throwing some fun projects in there I hope to keep my passion for writing alive and fun.

Are you doing what you love to do? Life is too short not to. When you feel like there is no time to do it, don’t give up. Sometimes when we lack the time to do what we love, we have to work harder to find the time. Easier said than done, I know. But it can be done when you want to do it.

Have a great week! Try to spend some time doing what you love, even if you have to steal the time away from something else to do it.

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