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Santa and Christmas Spirit

Good Morning! Here is the Monday Morning Blog. A little later than normal this morning. Santa had a busy day yesterday getting ready.

Merry Christmas! Hope you were able to wake up to the gracious gifts Santa brought last night. Did you get up early with your kids? Or like us, thank goodness, were able to sleep in with our teenagers?

Santa Claus’ delivery of gifts story

Santa Ornament

Children used to leave their shoes in front of the fireplace because they believed Santa lowered the goodies down the chimney. Since Santa and his reindeer possess a certain amount of magic, the idea of him coming down a chimney is doable. He has to get into the house somehow, if you are going to get those gifts, right? In the spirit of Christmas anything can happen. You just have to believe.

Santa and his elves completed a lot of toy building at the North Pole to be ready for the big delivery last night. How does he do it? I believe it is Christmas Spirit.

Santa’s role in Christmas Spirit

Santa is a symbol of Christmas Spirit and a big contributor to it. However, he doesn’t do it all by himself. With all of the things needing to be done for Christmas, Santa has a lot of special people helping him. They are Elves and Santa helpers.



Photo by erin walker on Unsplash

Elves give a lot of their time building toys at the workshop. Some of them are sent away from the North Pole just after Thanksgiving to watch the kids and report back to Santa. They come in the form of an Elf on a Shelf.

Santa’s Helpers

Since Santa is only one person, there is no way he can be everywhere he is needed during the holiday season. So, Santa’s helpers come to the rescue. They attend parties dressed as him and stand in for him at the many shopping malls throughout the world.

I have a lot of respect for the Santa’s helpers at the malls. There is a lot more to it than just sitting in a comfortable chair having pictures taken with kids. They have to be patient and listen to each kid’s wishes for what gift it would take to make their Christmas special. I remember when I was a kid our family would go to the mall and see him in person. My brother and I would get our pictures taken with him every year. For kids, it is like going to visit that movie star in person who you have only seen on the screen. 

For some kids, it is not a fun thing to do. Santa’s helpers also have to work with the kids who are afraid of Santa. Imagine a child seeing a guy with a red suit and a big white beard. They become scared and cling onto their parents for dear life. The Santa’s helpers and elves work with the parents try to ease the kid into believing Santa isn’t someone to be afraid of. 

Santa and kid

With all the things Santa has to do, having him present amongst all the holiday shoppers shows the kids he does exist and confirms Christmas Spirit for us. As we grow older, we learn more about the spirit of Christmas and less about the gifts. But, Santa still adds a bit of fun to the season, even for us adults.

And remember, with Christmas Spirit  anything can happen, you just have to believe.

What was your wish for Santa this holiday season? Did it show up underneath your tree?

Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy the day!

Merry Christmas

Photo by on Unsplash

Featured Photo of the present by Ben White on Unsplash

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