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Selma’s Story Time – 7/23/14

Mrs. Stockton had grown up in Frankton, a small town in upstate New York. She and her husband moved from there to Mount Vernon, NY when he was offered a teaching position at Columbia. Shelby would come to visit her Grandparents every summer and Grandpa would take her to work with him. His love for the campus made her fall in love with it. When it came time to make the choice of colleges to attend, she already made her choice. Shelby was sad that he wasn’t there when she became an enrolled student, but she felt him by her side every day in the memories they shared.

While studying at the library, Shelby saw her grandma’s e-mail about dinner on Monday. Oh, she did love the Mac and Cheese, and her grandma knew how to make it. Baked in the oven, not made on the stove top. Shelby was also excited because her grandma would send her home with leftovers. Perfect meal for the starving college student.

She was getting concerned about her grandma wanting to find this Johnny Kidler. Why did she want to? Did she want to make peace with what happened on the bus? Or was she just curious about who he had become? They knew nothing about this guy, except that she knew who he was many years ago. The whole project seemed a little bit on the risky side. What if he was a bad man? What if he didn’t even remember her? Hopefully he wasn’t a mean or violent person. She would hate for her grandma to come up against that when she was trying to understand what happened to him.

When her grandma got something in her head, she always needed to find out the information or resolve the issue to be at peace. That is probably half the reason why she is doing this.

Shelby wondered if her grandma had any reservations about pursuing this project. She guessed that she would find out on Monday.

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