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Teen Issues from an adult perspective

Good Morning! Here is the Monday Morning Blog.

We had a busy and weekend with family closing down the cabin up north for another season. It is fun to come together, work hard, and get the job done. It is also neat to talk to the kids, I mean young adults, about college and other things going on in their lives. In our family, the oldest cousin is 21 and the youngest is 13. We get a wide range of experiences to talk about and milestones to watch them pass. They are getting older right in front of our eyes.

Going forward, I have decided to name my teen issue posts, Teen Issues from an adult perspective. It is a catchy title and is the angle the post is written from, my adult perspective.

In follow up to last week’s post, I did a little more research on Lebanon, TN.

  1. It is located in the middle of the state just east of Nashville.

  2. The population is about 33,000.

  3. The high school mascot is the blue devils and the school population is about 1800.

Sounds like a pretty typical city and school to me. Many of them exist throughout our nation.

According to, a local television news station, they held their community meeting about bullying last week. The city officials hoped to get the members of their community together to discuss the rumors surrounding the latest student suicide, to define what bullying is and help students and parents to take action against it. Here’s what happened.

Mike Johnson, the student’s father got up and spoke, He asked the community not to post rumors about his daughter on social media anymore. And asked if they had something to say, say it to him. He continued by asking parents to watch their kids. Watch for signs something may be going on with them so what happened to him doesn’t happen to someone else.

Mr. Johnson asked for everyone to be nice to each other online. It will go a long way to prevent cyber bullying from taking such a toll.

Sounds like the meeting brought some people together to talk about bullying. I wonder what if any action will come from it. We all know it is a problem but only some form of action from the community and society as a whole will make it stop. The fact people came shows there are concerned people that want to see changes, but how many more kids will die before it can be stopped?

Imagine the kid who is bullied. He tries to kill himself to get away from it. Feeling like there is no other way out. He lives, but what is bothering him is still there. How do we make the bullying stop for that kid and others like him? If we can’t, he will never feel safe again, unless he makes a change. A new school, new city and maybe even a new life. And even then, he may never feel safe again. Because of bullying.

The question I would ask a bully is what would it take to make them stop?

  1. A punch in the nose?

  2. His friends and others telling him to stop?

  3. Really understanding any type of teasing hurts someone’s feelings?

I guess the first step is what Jenna Manus and Mr. Johnson have asked us to do. Just be nice to one another online and in person. What do you think would be a next step to help stop bullying?

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