The Holiday Season: What feelings do you have this time of year?

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Welcome to December. We just made it past Thanksgiving and are on our way towards Christmas.


The holiday season means something different for everyone. For some, being surrounded by family and friends is very heartwarming. Many of my friends are looking forward to having their college aged kids come home and spend time with them during holiday break.

How about hearing Christmas music on the radio already? Yes, I’ll admit it does seem to be a bit early, but it added a little bit of festive to my holiday shopping on black Friday.

Here are some of the good feelings I have during the holidays.

  1. The feeling I get when I walk outside. Cold. Living in Minnesota will be like that. But seeing the lights on the houses bordered with a blanket of snow makes me smile.

  2. The feeling I get when I catch the smell of of pine and apple cinnamon cider scented candles fills me with warm and comforting feelings.

  3. The feeling I get when I taste candy canes and hot cocoa. It brings me back to being a kid. Drinking a cup of cocoa after coming in from sledding with the neighbor kids also makes me smile.

  4. The feeling I get when surrounded by family and friends. Warms my heart to create new memories and remembering the holidays of seasons past.

For some, the holiday season becomes a time of sadness. Their memories of loved ones who are no longer able to share the holidays with them make the holidays a little harder to enjoy. My mom passed away just over nine and a half years ago, and Christmas has never been the same for me since. One of the many fond memories I have spending time with her during the holidays is,

  1. When I lived by myself, we used to get together at my house and do a girl’s day to decorate my tree. We would enjoy cups of tea and a nice dinner together.

The holidays are also a time for helping others feel special. I get some good feelings from,

  1. Dropping those toys off in the Toys for Tots boxes.

  2. Donating time to serve a meal to the homeless.

  3. Picking out the meaningful gifts that will make the people close to you smile when they see them.

How about those holiday traditions? Do you have any? Maybe it is a special dinner you prepare? Cookies you bake? A holiday show you watch or go to the theater to see live? I remember in our house growing up, we would get the artificial tree down from the attic. My dad would assemble and put the lights on it while my mom would decorate the rest after he was done. We all tried to help her with it, but she always seemed to have her own plan in mind.


The holiday season is a time to celebrate family, friends and memories. It will be a little different for our family this year. We will be celebrating without my mom, but this year we lost Jim’s dad to Parkinson’s in August. The holidays will still be celebrated, but it will feel a little different without those key people here to share in the season with us.

What feelings do you have during the holiday season? Do they make you happy? Or a little sad? Please share them in the comments below.

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