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This week at the Writing House

Happy Monday! Last week instead of reading another book for a review, I worked on some projects to move the publishing of The Hard Way forward. It included getting an author bio and book blurb off to my editor and working through another round of edits.

What a process self publishing a book can be. All of the work that goes into it and choices you have to make. It is like the choices you make when building a house from scratch. Like, what will the cover look like? How do you write a book blurb that gets the reader interested enough to pick up your book? And, what symbol do you want to pick for your story breaks?

I found this photo in some of the ones I have saved during my writing journey. This one sums up what the journey has been like for me. I can finally see the light to achieving the dream I had since I was a kid. It is very exciting!

It is an exciting but stressful time for me. It is kind of hard to wait, but patience and time have been a big part of the process so far. Waiting a little longer at this point, is all a part of my journey to publish.

Here is some advice to you. I learned from my journey,

Keep working toward your dreams even when it seems like you won’t get there.

Have faith that all of the hard work and time put in will pay off in achieving what you set out to do.

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