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I took a couple of days off from work to take a breath last week. Not only did I publish my first book this year, but it has been a very stressful year of transitions for me. Since the beginning of the year, my day job had a full revamp of people and procedures. And, just recently, my home life has a job change for Jim. It is a good thing, but it has changed our family schedule and added another car to our household. I know I am not the only one who has gone through changes, I think it is just starting to catch up with me.

On Friday, I was sitting in our Jeep in the school parking lot listening to classical music while I waited for one of our kids. I closed my eyes, laid my head on the head rest and concentrated on the music. As I continue to listen to this Mozart piece, I hear a clarinet solo and it makes me smile. I played clarinet back in the day, and hearing the music brought me to the days of concert band in junior high and high school.

When I got home, I did some research on Mozart and the composition I was listening to. It was Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet in A. At the time Mozart composed it, the clarinet was a relatively new instrument. Anton Stadler was a gifted player from Vienna. Mozart started composing music for the clarinet late in his life, and he did it with Stadler in mind. This composition was featured on the final episode of the tv show M*A*S*H in 1983. It was the song Winchester was trying to teach the Chinese band they had at the camp. They wind up playing it while they are taken away from the camp towards the end of the show.

Our emotional selves are affected by the good and bad things we experience in life. Not only did the classical music help me to relax from a streesful time, but the reminissing about good memories about high school made me smile. It was a nice break from the normal day to day life to help me reset. Negative experiences, like bullying, can also affect us, and they seem to have a much greater impact than the good ones.

After last week’s book review of Thirteen Reasons Why, I gave some thought to my current manuscript. I want to make sure The Bully’s Way makes an impact on my readers. I don’t want to tell just another story about how a kid gets bullied. After going back and forth in my head about it, I decided to take a little more time with it before I send it to my editor. This will probably mean my original publishing date for next year will have to be pushed off into 2019. It is a lot of work to self publish, but one of the nice things for me is I can move deadlines around without the stress of reporting to a publisher. When the book ultimately comes out, is up to me.

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