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Welcome to my new site!

Hello! Today my new website went live! If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to stop by and take a look. We are still at the same address, it just looks a little different.

New Logo!

Part of the new website plan was a chance to rebrand my books, blog and mentoring projects. So, this is going to become a familiar site for those of you who follow me.

New motto and hashtags

My new catch phrase is Author, Blogger, & Mentor. Those are the three roles that I will fill for you.

Going forward, I will also be using the following hashtags more often to bring visibility to me and my brand. Those hashtags are



Aligning to my purpose

My word for 2021 is Align. I've been thoughtful about each project I have done so far this year. I have taken the following steps to get to this point and continue moving towards my purpose.

  • Putting a plan in place to create this website with Designed by Kelly

  • Completing the remaining tasks to be able to release the second book in The Way Series, Shawn's Way, on June 21, 2021!

  • Working with Karen Laos my business coach who supports and advises me on the journey to my purpose.

My purpose is

To be an Author, Blogger and Mentor for teens and young adults

To do this I am

  • Writing books which are relatable to teens about issues and challenges they face.

  • Blogging about topics for and about teens and young adults

  • Creating programs and resources for teens, young adults, parents and teachers to help mentor and support them through the challenges of growing up

Be sure to stop by and check things out!

  • To stay informed about new and exciting things happening with me and the brand, but sure to subscribe to my email list. The sign up boxes are found at the bottom of each page of the website.

  • To purchase a copy of The Hard Way, book one in The Way Series, click on the Buy Her Book button or head over to the Books page of the website.

  • To learn about topics about teens and young adults, be sure to check out my Blogs page. A new topic is posted every Monday Morning in the Monday Morning Blog.

  • The Mentoring Page will be coming later this summer. Keep an eye on the website or your emails for updates.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

See you on Monday!

Selma P. Verde

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