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Writing Prompt – Stan’s story the conclusion

Bud had a hard time sleeping last night, but knew he needed to tell his friends what he did. They decided to meet for coffee at Stan’s house at 10:00 AM. Annie left last night, so they could check it out without her knowing anything about what he did. Bud was a bit relieved he could confess to just the guys. He hoped it might make his confessing easier.

After getting dressed, he came downstairs and found Helena sitting at the kitchen table with the morning paper and a cup of coffee. She looked up when he came in.

“Good luck honey. I am proud of you for confessing.”

“Well, I hope they don’t get too mad. It was a stupid thing to do.”

“I’m sure they will understand.”

Bud gave her a kiss and headed out to the garage. He took a deep breath before he started the truck and drove over to Stan’s.

When he pulled into the driveway, Harvey’s truck was already there. He parked in the driveway and walked up to the house. Stan saw him through the window and started opening the door before Bud had a chance to knock.

“Come on in,” Stan said as he opened the door, “coffee is on!”

“You don’t look like you feel so good,” Harvey remarked from the other side of the kitchen island.

“I don’t feel good. I have something to tell you guys.”

“Sounds serious,” Stan replied as he set another coffee mug on the table.

Bud took a deep breath and started telling his story.

“Remember the night we put the capsule together at Madison Pond?”

“Yes, Bud. We were both there,” Stan replied, sounding a little annoyed.

“Yes, I know. Well, I went back the next day. And I took everything out of it.”

“You did? Why?” Harvey asked.

“I didn’t think we would ever go back and get it. I replaced everything so if someone else found it, they would get a good laugh at what was put in there.”

“What is it? What is in the capsule?” Harvey asked.

“Well, let’s find out. The capsule is right upstairs in the attic,” Stan replied, “I’ll go get it.”

Stan headed upstairs. He opened the attic door and walked over to the far corner of the room. There was a shoe box wrapped in plastic on a shelf. He picked it up and went back downstairs.

“I remember that box now. It is from Baxter Shoes,” Harvey said as Stan walked over to the kitchen table with it.

“I can hardly wait to open it now. Let’s see what Bud put in here.”

Stan took the capsule out of the plastic and set it on the table.

“Ready,” Stan said and put his hands on top of the box.

Harvey and Bud nodded and moved closer as Stan took the cover off. They all looked inside

“You left that in there?” Stan asked.

Inside the box was an empty can of St. John’s Root Beer.

“I thought it would be funny. It was the last thing I drank that day and it is very unique,” Bud replied.

“But it is your weird uncle’s root beer.”

“So, he was well known at the time. And it was good root beer.”

“What did you do with the stuff that was in here?” Stan asked.

“It was in a bag I hid at my parent’s house. I think it was lost in the fire that destroyed it a few years back.”

“Too bad. We probably could have recreated this for Annie if we still had the original stuff.”

“How do you think she is going to react to the capsule?” Bud cautiously asked.

“Not sure. She has been looking forward to having everyone over here to open it.”

“When should I tell her?”

“Why don’t we just let her find out when we open it as a group. We can see how she reacts and tell her the story then,” Stan replied.

“If you think that is best,” Bud replied.

Bud shook his head. Had he known they were going to wait, he would have waited to tell everyone. But he felt relieved he told the guys.

“Any one want some more coffee?” Harvey asked holding onto the pot after filling his cup.

Both Bud and Stan nodded as they went on to talk about the news of the day in Stanley.

Thanks to 642 Things to Write About for the prompt that led me to discover this story. It was fun to let it unravel and write it down as it came to me. I hope you enjoyed it.

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